About the Word Nerd


Hello! I’m David Thomas Moore, a commissioning editor (i.e. I read and acquire manuscripts for publication as well as shepherding them through the process) for Rebellion Publishing Ltd’s fiction department. I’m also a tabletop roleplayer of all flavours published (once) by Steve Jackson Games, a LRPer and staff member at Curious Pastimes Ltd, a HEMA fighter training in Bolognese sidesword-and-buckler at the School of the Sword (on a long hiatus during Ye Plague), a competent cook and a semi-competent father.

I may blog on any of these topics, but more than anything I post about politics and law, where I try to absorb (inexpertly) the sometimes dizzyingly complex and fastmoving issues of the day and condense them into digestible infodumps for people less able or willing to obsessively track them on social media.